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  • Ozarks Celebration Festival - September 10-16, 2010
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    The Ozarks Celebration Festival is an entertaining and educational look at the region's culture and heritage. The University launched the festival in 1998 with the hope that it will foster a sense of place and understanding of place for both natives of the Ozarks and visitors as well. This year's festival will consist of over 60 traditional craftspeople and commercial artists, three stages of music (which will include traditional, bluegrass, and gospel music), Ozarks storytelling, traditional dance (which will include square, jig, contra and clogging), films, historical characters, exhibits, and much more. Many of the finest artists and craftspeople in the region will be on hand to demonstrate and display their creations, offering a number of items for sale.

  • Ozarks Writing Project
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    The Ozarks Writing Project (OWP), housed in the English Department, is a collaborative program between Missouri State University and the National Writing Project (NWP), the premier effort to improve writing in America. Through its professional development model, NWP builds the leadership, programs, and research needed for teachers to help their students become successful writers and learners.

  • Telling Traditions

  • The Telling Traditions project is an oral history working to uncover, chronicle, and transmit the legacy of Jewish women in the Ozarks in collaboration with Temple Israel in Springfield, Missouri and the Ozarks Study Institute (OSI). This project's goal is to preserve the culture of local Jewish women and to spread awareness of Jewish traditions. The research for this project is categorized into three main areas: tradition, education, and work. These themes help to show the history of Jewish women in the Ozarks by describing the different ways their tradition are passed down. Within each theme is pictures, articles, and audio/video clips that help illustrate the ideas of the different categories.